While days in Europe might be getting shorter and the wind colder, the sailing season in the Caribbean is only about to begin. This natural paradise of coral reefs and endless beaches is a great place to escape the bleakness of the winter months. So let us inspire you for an early booking in this tropical paradise brimming with adventurous pirate tales of the past.

Who will enjoy sailing the Caribbean the most?

Sailors worldwide agree that chartering a boat in the Caribbean is a fundamentally different experience from sailing in the Mediterranean. According to the sailing family of Sailing Britican blog, the most significant advantages of visiting the exotic islands are:

Therefore, the Caribbean is often recommended to families with children and nature lovers. The warm climate and excellent conditions can also help you cut down on the size of your baggage and be ready for two weeks of the sailing trip with just a carry-on. Let’s look at some of the most popular destinations of yachters in the Caribbean.

1.) British Virgin Islands

Welcome to the sailing capital of the world! British Virgin Islands (BVI for short) are a deserved starting point for recreational and sporting yachters. Often cited selling points of BVI are:

You can begin your journey at Tortola, the biggest island of the group. However, Virgin Gorda island and its unique beaches are a must-see for first-time visitors.

boating and snorkeling around Sandy Spit, British Virgin Islands
The majestic sight of the British Virgin Islands, also known as the world’s sailing capital.

2.) St. Thomas (U.S. Virgin Islands)

You can arrive at St. Thomas via the busiest airport in the United States Virgin Islands, Cyril E. King Airport.

Busy harbor in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, Caribbean
St Thomas is just a quick blow of wind away from BVI

3.) Martinique

Homeland of Napoleon’s love Josephine is often called “taste of France” in the Caribbean, and it is considered a good destination for those who like chocolate croissants and sailing. Other plus points of Martinique include:

You can reach Martinique through Aimé Césaire International Airport. You can start your voyage at marinas in the capital Fort-de-France or the city Le Marin on the southeast coast of the island.

Les Trois Ilets, Martinique

4.) St.Martin

Divided between two countries, with the French side of Saint-Martin and the Dutch side of Sint Maarten, the island of Saint Martin is an exciting mash of European and Caribbean cultures. It is often called the capital of the Eastern Caribbean. On top of that, the island is a host to:

You can get to Saint Martin via Princess Juliana International Airport and start your sailing trip at the French side’s capital Marigot.

Luxury yachts and boats in the marina of Marigot, St Martin
A favorite shopping stop for its duty-free goods in numerous boutiques, St Martin is also the smallest island divided between two countries, with the north side belonging to France and the south end being Dutch.

5.) Grenada

The southeastern corner of the Caribbean Sea has closed off with the island Grenada and its six smaller islands at the southern end of the Grenadines island chain. Nevertheless, visitors hail to Grenada because it is:

International flights are available to Maurice Bishop International Airport, located near Grenada’s capital of St. George’s.

Pink Sky and Sail Boats Grenada
Saint George, Grenada
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