Turkey is still not reaching the popularity of its western neighbour when it comes to yachting. It is a pity for the country but a great advantage for yachters! So we recommend you give Turkey a chance this summer when choosing a yachting holiday!

Haven't you heard of a Dalaman in your life? The small Turkish town is only about an hour and twenty minutes from Marmaris and even forty minutes from Fethiye. Both cities are popular starting points for yachting in Turkish waters, and not only there. 


The great advantage of the southwest coast of Turkey is the proximity of the Greek islands. You can sail to Rhodes, Kos or smaller Greek islands, such as Symi. You can count on a lower budget than if you sailed from a Greek marina. In addition, you can combine the Turkish and Greek coasts.

The truth is that Turkish charters are a bit in the shadow of the Greek ones, so they have to be much more flexible, for example, in terms of dates. But, as a rule, you can count on lower prices and more willing staff. Some yachtsmen even rent a boat in Turkey and sail directly to the Greek islands, which is more cost-effective.

In addition, Turkey is one of the most favourable destinations when it comes to weather - you can easily sail from there even off-season - in May or October. The temperatures will still be pleasant, you will avoid the high season, and your wallet will feel the difference.

For your next sailing holiday, try to give a chance to Turkey. Whether you decide to travel to the Greek islands or get to know the Turkish ones, we are sure you will not regret it. So take a look at our offer of yachts in Turkey.

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