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What to take onboard? List of things you should check before your sailing holiday

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Are you a fresh sailor? Then our sailing list and tips on what to pack for your sailing holidays will come in handy for you. And in case you are an experienced sailor, check it out for some fresh inspiration.

Documents and travel papers

Before you leave, don’t forget to check the following:

Boataround TIP

  • Check your credit card limit because you might need to pay during the boat rental due to the security deposit.
  • Cash. There is still a cash era in many places in Croatia, and withdrawing money on the spot can come costly. In case you have to withdraw cash from the ATM, check the conversion rate you will be paying (some ATMs want you to convert the currency on their conversion rate, which might be different from the market average)
  • Make copies of your travel documents. If something goes wrong, it is much easier if you have duplicates.
  • Get waterproof bags and keep your documents there during sailing.
Passport and documents lying on the table
Pro tip: Digital copies of your documents will always come in handy
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Besides the classical summer clothes that you would pack for a standard vacation, don´t forget to pack:

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  • Don´t forget that boat storage are not spacious, so you should rather use travelling bags instead of a suitcase to fit them in a storage room comfortably
  • We recommend a microfibre towel. It´s practical and dries fast. It´s good to have two towels – one to the sea (salt water) and another one to the shower (freshwater)
A sailor in a waterproof jacket with a pipe on the ship looks at the horizon.
The weather might change anytime, so a waterproof and windproof jacket may come in handy
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Foods & drinks

You don´t need to buy everything in advance; it is possible to buy what you need in marinas and towns where you will stay. But always have some backup in case your anchoring doesn´t go according to the plan. Try to create mainly long-life food supplies as fridges on the boats (especially 3-4-cabin sailing yacht) are smaller than usual.

Boataround TIP

  • Croatia and Italy are well-known for their small bakeries, and there is nothing better than having some fresh pastry for breakfast, so don´t buy too much of it in a supermarket.
  • It is good to have water supplies (mainly freshwater) because, at the marina, you can use a pushcart to get your foods and drinks on the boat
  • While buying freshwater always count with approx. 1,5l of water per person and day, which is approximately 9 packages (of 6 bottles) for an 8-person crew
A lot of luxuriously prepared food on board the ship.
Yachting is also about preparing food for the crew in the galley.
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Boats have first-aid kits, but this is instead for injuries, so don´t forget to pack the following:

Small things you will appreciate

As there is not much space on the boat, think twice about what you pack. Here are some small things which you will appreciate:

Don´t forget your camera, swimsuit, good mood and let´s go! Thanks to our list and tips, we believe that you will enjoy a lovely cruise and won´t miss anything.

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