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Customer service
Teie purjetamisassistent
  • 4. sept 2020
    Great customer service
    Great customer service, quick reaction
  • 24. aug 2020
    Smooth and superfast as usual
    Smooth and superfast as usual. Much appreciated.
  • 7. aug 2020
    Великолепный сервис
    Великолепный сервис! Агенты больше не нужны, это просто лишнее звено в цепочке. ...
    Elena Nardelli
  • 30. okt 2019
    Fast and helpfull staff.
    Fast and helpfull staff. Good prices.
  • 21. okt 2019
    Very friendly
    Very friendly, good booking conditions, fast response
  • 7. okt 2019
    Thank you boat around!!
    I was in Split, Croatia over the weekend and on Saturday around 11 a.m. I decide...
  • 30. sept 2019
    The best customer service ever had
    The best customer service ever had. Helped with details, where available when ne...
    customer: Peter
  • 27. sept 2019
    Excellent service
    Excellent service is when experiences are surpassed and when customers feel that...
  • 23. sept 2019
    always very professional and patient…
    always very professional and patient approach to the customer. thank you Boataro...
  • 20. sept 2019
    Great price and service including the…
    Great price and service including the follow up.
  • 14. sept 2019
    Satisfied customer
    Very fast and high-quality access. promptly answers and help. I believe that I w...