⛵ A guide to charter a yacht in Martinique

As part of Antilles, the island of Martinique is located in the Caribbean Sea. Island offers not only beaches with white and black sand but also hidden bays, caves, coral reefs ideal for snorkeling, diving and with enough of wind, it can be a paradise for water sports enthusiasts.

For Martinique, we offer more than 145 charter yachts for rent, including some of the best catamarans and sailing yachts available in the market. Our yachts are all located in the very well-equipped Marina du Marin. The city of Le Marin is also one of the main starting points for a sailing holiday around Martinique. 

The tropical climate is typical for Martinique with two periods -  dry and cool season from January to April, and humid and hot lasting from June to November. Remember that hurricane season starts in June and lasts until the end of the humid period -  November. Rainfall varies but in general, it is more frequent from May to November, least frequent from December to April. The average temperature throughout the year is 23-29°C. We recommended an ideal time for sailing from February to April. During these months is weather less rainy and waters are calmer.

⛵ Top sailing destinations in Martinique

A trip around Martinique can offer sailors the best of the best from the Caribbean exotics - abandoned white beaches, unique coral reefs, and diverse wildlife. Grand Anse D’Arlet is heaven and one of the most popular locations for those who love swimming or snorkeling. You can see there a typical Carribean underwater fauna and flora, different types of fish, sea urchins, turtles and many more. Saint-Pierre has a nickname "the Pearl of West Indies". With majestic volcanic Mount Pelée in the background, it offers not history from the colonial era but also underwater shipwrecked boats, ideal for adventurous scuba divers.

Marina Pointe du Bout is ideal for people who love great nightlife. The multitude of bars and restaurants in the marina is ideal for crazy party night. Three kilometers off the south coast of Martinique lays part of the history from Napoleonic wars - the Diamond Rock. Today it marks one of the island's best dive sites. Nearby town of Le Diamant offers much about the history of the rock and town itself.

⛵ How to get there

Martinique Aimé Césaire International Airport is located in Le Lamentin, a suburb of the capital Fort-de-France. The best fly connection with Europe is from France (Paris, Nantes or Toulouse) or Germany (Frankfurt). For passengers traveling from the USA, the best connection is from Miami Airport.

The most convenient means of transportation from the capital city of Fort-de-France to Le Marin is by bus which costs 2€ and takes approximately 50 minutes. The quickest way is by taxi which costs 30€ - 45€ and takes 29 min (depending on traffic).

🔹 Tips

  • The official language in Martinique is French. English is not common and you may find it difficult to find someone who speaks in English
  • Typical power plugs and sockets in Martinique are of type C, D, and E
  • Extra tipping is not required, all restaurants include the 15% service charge
  • As Martinique is officially part of France EU (and Schengen agreement), USA and Canada citizens do not need a visa if not staying longer than 3 months

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