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  • 1 Мар 2021
    Responsive, kind and professional.
  • 13 Фев 2021
    Love Boataround.
    Love Boataround. They doing a best offers on the market. Thank You
    Domino Maen
  • 4 Фев 2021
    It's a third time with Boataround
    It's a third time I have booked my sailing vacation with Boataround. The website...
    Returning customer
  • 3 Фев 2021
    Excellent, highly recommended attitude and support!
  • 2 Фев 2021
    Very good people
    Very good people , always available will book again
  • 20 Янр 2021
    Thanks for your help!
    Thanks for your help!
  • 17 Ное 2020
    Excellent company
    I am very pleased of the communication with this company. Friendliness, prompt m...
  • 12 Ное 2020
    Quick answers and very adaptive and…
    Quick answers and very adaptive and responsice to requests and needs.
  • 12 Ное 2020
    хороший информативный сайт
    хороший информативный сайт
  • 5 Ное 2020
    Изменение времени чартера
    Нужно было перебронировать лодку на следующий сезон. Менеджер сама перезвонила и...
  • 29 Сеп 2020
    Excellent Service
    We perform 2 sailing trips every year, either monohull or catamarans. For the la...
    Peter M.
  • 21 Сеп 2020
    I am satisfied :))
    Good contact, competent service. Despite objective difficulties (the need to cha...
  • 17 Сеп 2020
    A large selection of boats at great…
    A large selection of boats at great prices with a responsive customer services t...
    Archie Hardyment
  • 27 Авг 2020
    Petra was excellent
    Petra was excellent, web site easy to use. great service Many thanks Phil
    Philip Walker
  • 25 Авг 2020
    Very good service and very competent…
    Very good service and very competent personnel, easy to cooperate
    Artur Chekulayev
  • 25 Авг 2020
    I was extremely satisfied
    I was extremely satisfied. The boat was beautiful and the service of the employe...
  • 31 Юли 2020
    Fantastic service
    Fantastic service - kind approach, everything solved, big effort to make everyth...
  • 20 Юли 2020
    Boat around turn out to be great.
    Boat around turn out to be great. Christina from their cs dpt was quick and help...
    Miltos K
  • 9 Юли 2020
    Outstanding customer service
    Very kind and engaging team, great communication, easy booking and wonderful cus...
  • 11 Юни 2020
    Felt well taken care off
    Felt well taken care off
  • 9 Юни 2020
    Great service
    Great service
  • 8 Юни 2020
    Great experience
    Great experience, nice and proffesional staff
    Puiu Leder
  • 22 Май 2020
    Returning customer
    Returning customer. As usual, incredibly quick, unbeatable service. Thank you!
    Peter Gonzales
  • 27 Фев 2020
    quick action
    quick action, free cancellation
  • 4 Янр 2020
    Very good communication
    Very good communication, friendly cooperation, easy Booking ..
  • 3 Янр 2020
    Customer service
    Good and direct customer service.
  • 28 Ное 2019
    Good and fast communication
    Good and fast communication. Second time using the service, for-sure will contin...
  • 18 Ное 2019
    Впервые воспользовался услугами данного…
    Впервые воспользовался услугами данного агентства. Очень удобный интерфейс, прив...