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  • 20 Май 2022
    Great Service
    Quick and Efficient.
  • 17 Май 2022
    Great Communication
    Communication during the booking process was great, and its was great to speak t...
    Drew - Australia
  • 14 Май 2022
    perfect! A great thank to Dejana!
  • 11 Май 2022
    Great selection of boats
    Great selection of boats! Excellent communications. I had a problem but was solv...
    NicolaeRazvan Atimariti
  • 1 Май 2022
    It has been very easy to deal with the…
    It has been very easy to deal with the people from Boataround, who have been att...
    Derrick Moore
  • 28 Апр 2022
    Very helpful and user friendly service!
    Very helpful and user friendly service! Thanks!
  • 27 Апр 2022
    Great service and follow-up
    Great service and follow-up. Could do a little better when it comes to a tighter...
    Alex P
  • 20 Апр 2022
    Great company with good communication…
    Great company with good communication all through our booking. have used them tw...
    Steven Toms
  • 19 Апр 2022
    Helpful agent and a good selection of…
    Helpful agent and a good selection of boats found. I paid by bank transfer, but...
    Rob Kittle
  • 9 Апр 2022
    Great service
    Great service, ready to help.
  • 7 Апр 2022
    great suport!!
    great suport!!
    Glenn Johansen
  • 7 Апр 2022
    always perfect.
    always perfect.
  • 31 Мар 2022
    Simplicity personified
    Simplicity personified. Couldn't be easier to charter the yacht. My crew and me ...
    Richard Baker
  • 27 Мар 2022
    Competet and fast reply to questions…
    Competet and fast reply to questions and requests.
    Volker Meyer
  • 18 Фев 2022
    Excellent service
    Excellent service, they always find the best boat and good price.
  • 9 Фев 2022
    Great customer service and easy-to-use…
    Great customer service and easy-to-use website.