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How we work

How our online booking service works?

Quick answers to the most common questions

  • What is a transit log?

    A transit log is a small fee charged by the charter company that includes final cleaning, gas for cooking, and bed linen depending on your destination.

  • What sailing licence do I need?

    Please always check the license needed for the yacht you would like to rent. You can find this information on the online boat profile. If you are not sure, feel free to contact us.

  • What if I want to pick up my yacht earlier than the charter company offers?

    Many boat owners offer early check-in at an additional fee. You can find this information on the boat profile. The early check-ins usually have limited availability, so please let us know in advance to book your slot.

  • What is a security deposit or deposit insurance?

    Similar to car rental, when chartering a boat you will be asked to leave a refundable deposit (in many cases it is possible to block the deposit fee from your credit card). This deposit will be refunded if the boat is returned without damage. Alternatively, many charter companies offer deposit insurance, which lowers or eliminate the amount of refundable deposit.

  • How do I pay for my booking?

    Boataround offers a secure payment using a credit card. You can also pay by bank transfer or any local payment method available in your country. If these do not suit, please let us know.

  • I need a skipper

    You can rent your sailing holiday with a professional skipper on board. Their service is usually paid extra with the price listed among the extra fees on each boat profile.

  • Pets

    Sailing with pets is possible for an additional fee. This information is displayed on the boat profiles. Please let us know if you plan to take your pet on board.

  • Cancellation insurance

    What is boat rental cancellation insurance?

    Cancellation insurance covers cases in which you suddenly must cancel your trip or rental of the boat itself.


    It covers accidental events related to travel and the occurrence of COVID-19.


    The cancellation insurance enables you and your crew member to cancel the reservation due to serious medical reasons, COVID-19, personal preventive quarantine, or failing to meet the health conditions for travel from their homeland (airport check, boarding a means of transport, crossing a national border, etc.).


    The insurance also covers other verifiable severe reasons.


    Who is insured?

    You and the people travelling with you that are included in the crew list.


    What is insured?

    • medical problems of travellers, incl. COVID-19
    • personal preventive quarantine, failure to meet the health conditions for travel
    • cancellation of the boat captain due to claimable reasons


    What is not insured?

    • deliberate action
    • chronic illnesses
    • alcohol, narcotic, or psychotropic substances abuse
    • mental disorders or mental illnesses
    • travels to war zones
    • force majeure and other inadvertent events
    • smart quarantine
    • widespread intervention by state power or public administration
    • boat rental cancellation due to cancellation of the captain contracted by the charter company or Boataround


    Where am I covered?

    Anywhere, the insurance policy is not geographically restricted.


    When and how do I buy the cancellation insurance?

    You can buy the insurance directly on our web when booking the boat or after the booking up to 3 business days after the reservation.


    In case of last-minute booking, i.e. booking less than 15 days before the departure, you have to buy the trip cancellation insurance on the day this payment is made.


    When does the insurance starts and ends?

    Cancellation insurance starts with the payment and is valid until the boat pick-up.


    The insurance ends by the expiration of the agreed insurance period.


    Where do I find the complete information about the insurance?

    Please visit Boataround.com where you can find complete product information (IPID) and insurance terms and conditions.

  • Deposit Insurance

    Deposit Insurance for Chartered Yachts


    A sail breaks, the screw touches the ground or your yacht gets a few scratches during your holiday trip. For such unforeseen events charter companies typically charge a nominal fee (deposit) which is payable in the event of damage occurring. If the charter company finds damage upon returning the yacht or boat, it will partly or fully retain the deposit. Protect yourself with our deposit insurance to avoid similar unpleasant surprises and have a carefree sailing holiday!


    What is insured?


    • Partial or total retention of the deposit agreed in the charter contract for damages occurring during the charter trip as a result of loss or culpable damage to the chartered yacht caused by the policyholder or his crew.
    • In the event of loss of or damage to the engine or engine, gearbox, battery, alternator, and starter, the compensation will be paid if caused by ship collision, sink, fire, lightning, explosion, earthquake, seaquake, volcanic, eruption or other natural disasters, theft or robbery.


    What is not insured?


    • Risks against which the items are insured by the lessor and against which no deductible has been agreed in the contract.
    • Deliberately caused damage.
    • Damage caused by inadequate manning, defective equipment, or by the insured vehicle not being in a seaworthy or roadworthy condition.
    • Damage due to construction, manufacturing, or material defects.
    • Damage caused by machining, normal weather conditions, rust, oxidation, corrosion, cavitation, osmosis, aging, wear, rot, vermin, rats, mice, and the like.


    Where am I covered?


    This insurance product is applicable worldwide, but for cruise-related insurance policies only for the charter trip specified in the application and insurance policy.


    When and how do I buy the cancellation insurance?


    You can buy the insurance directly on our web when booking the boat or after the booking until the starting day of your trip.


    When does the insurance starts and ends?


    The insurance is valid throughout your trip, i.e. it begins with the start and ends at the end of your booked charter trip. Please note that the insurance coverage cannot begin until the premium has been paid in full.


    Where do I find the full information about the insurance?


    Please visit Boataround.com where you can find the complete product information (IPID) and insurance terms and conditions.

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