Последни оферти 2024 Спестете още повече с отстъпки в последната минута – Резервирайте днес

Разгледайте всички Модели До Scar

  • 29 май 2024
    Absolutely recommend
    Great service, quick response talked with Adela, she was very helpful.
  • 21 май 2024
    Great service lowest prices on the…
    Great service lowest prices on the market!
  • 14 май 2024
    Flexible, good prices, good problem-solving.
  • 7 мар 2024
    The best yacht, crew and unforgettable experience
    Last summer I was guest on their boat. I've easily put 10 star if there was such...
    Kaloian Chipilev
  • 12 дек 2023
    Amazing and professional staff.
    Amazing and professional staff. Amalia invested a lot of effort, time and energy...
    Aleksandar Cosic
  • 22 ное 2023
    If you don't have an Amalia, then you definitely need to get one!
    We had some issues with the boat and pricing, but she helped us clarify the mis ...
    Paladino Cornel
  • 10 ное 2023
    Always a pleasure
    Always a pleasure
    A. Pollack
  • 20 окт 2023
    Excellent Service
    I had the pleasure of working with Boataround for the second time, and just like...
    Horomnea Catalin
  • 27 сеп 2023
    trustworthy & friendly
    friendly customer service, fast reimboursement, great filter functions, likeable...
  • 15 сеп 2023
    always ok
    always ok, im am satisfied
  • 12 сеп 2023
    Top level professionalism and customer support! Thanks boataround.com and especially Ahmet Kilany!
    Awesome experience with Boataround.com and especially with Ahmet Kilany! We near...
    Mihai Haralambie
  • 18 авг 2023
    The best experience we’ve ever had!
    The best experience we’ve ever had! We had a birthday boy and they made a celeb...
    Teodora Stamboliiska
  • 25 юли 2023
    Good trip
    It was a good trip!
  • 24 юли 2023
    Just great!
    Easy, fast booking, helpful and fast customer support.
    Matus Z
  • 19 юли 2023
    Fast, convenient and reliable support.
    Being a returning customer for years now, booking on Boataraound was as always s...
    Lucas Unterweger
  • 12 юли 2023
    Issues with the Charter? Solved.
    I wrote a review about this company and this is an edit. We had some difficulty ...
    Petr Nepozitek


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