A touch of Italian glamour, carefree sailing alongside stunning coastline, excellent food and wines are just some things to tick off during your next sailing vacation. The Amalfi coastline is listed on the UNESCO Heritage list, and it's not surprising that this spectacular, rugged stretch of land with nearby islands has drawn people for centuries. Experience a laid-back week in a region nestled in one of the prettiest parts of the Mediterranean. 

Why Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast, washed by the Tyrrhenian Sea, is one of the most alluring regions in Italy. Together with the Gulf of Naples, it boasts picture-perfect sceneries with high cliffs peppered with pastel houses and grand villas intertwined with lemon and olive groves and located above the turquoise waters. 

view of Positano with flowers - famous old italian resort, Italy

Its comfortable distances between harbours and fairly dense marine infrastructure will appeal to the sailing community, especially recreational sailors. History buffs will be astonished by the medieval architecture of Amalfi and Sorrento towns, and no one will be left emotionless after the Pompeii visit. The fine Italian cuisine will satisfy everyone's appetite, and shopaholics will discover new boutiques.

This suggested 7-day itinerary is designed for all types of sailors. You will visit towns brimming with typical Mediterranean vibes full of ancient history, beautiful vistas, sea smell and good mood. You will pop over to islands such as Ischia - the island of eternal youth, Capri - an island of pleasure for the rich and famous and the petite island Procida - a hidden Italian gem famous not only for its tasty lemons.   

Sailing and weather conditions

The best season to spend a week in this area is in the summer - from June to early September, like everywhere in the Mediterranean. August is a holiday month and the busiest time everywhere in Italy so expect crowds of tourists and speedboats. The Tyrrhenian Sea is usually rather calm in the summer, enabling smooth and easy sailing. The prevailing NW winds pick up in the afternoon. 

Amalfi, Italy on the Coast at Dusk

There are several marinas to choose from in the area and we recommend making a call reservation in advance. The most convenient starting point for your trip is Marina di Stabia, strategically located between the Gulf of Naples and the Amalfi coast, with proximity to Naples, Pompeii and islands.


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Recommended 7-day itinerary 

The route will not be demanding in terms of distances between daily anchorages. The whole week is designed for you to fully immerse in the typicalla dolce vita” mode without hurrying up to set sail for the whole day sailing journey. 

Naples is the perfect sailing gateway. We recommend starting off in the town of Castellammare di Stabia in its Marina di Stabia, allowing you not only to take a taxi to the city centre but also to pay a visit to a nearby Pompeii site or/and climb to the volcano Mount Vesuvius.

See the map with the itinerary here

Day 1 - Naples (Marina di Stabia) - 0 nm

It takes 20 minutes to get from the international airport to the marina. After checking in and making yourself familiar with the boat, explore Naples downtown. One evening is definitely not enough to get to know this third-largest Italian city, but it’s sufficient to soak up its captivating atmosphere. It's a harbour town that breathes history and is the birthplace of the famous brick oven pizza. 

Naples at sunset - Gulf of Naples, Italy. View of the city from elevated point of view.

Naples belongs to those authentic towns where the best thing is to stroll aimlessly and let the streets tell stories dating back to ancient times. Naples is home to incredible art and architecture around every corner - Greek fortifications, Roman theatre, Norman castle Castel dell'Ovo. 

Naples, Castel dell'Ovo at dusk.S
Castel dell'Ovo

There is an Italian saying that Naples is the soul of Italy since the art of la dolce vita is mastered perfectly by local people. Walk the Via Tribunali street, nicknamed Pizza Alley and savour the tastiest pizza or arancini (rice balls) you have ever had. Patient people can queue for a world-famous Sorbillo restaurant, but there is a wide array of other options everywhere in the town. 

Via dei Tribunali central busy street in Napoli old town, people walking on the street.
Via dei Tribunali

In the evening wander the 2.5 km long road called Lungomare — a pavement at the seafront with beach bars where you can grab your first lemon granita Limoncello. Enjoy the perfect view of Capri, Naples town and, of course, majestic Mount Vesuvius. 

Day 2 - Naples - Ischia - 23 nm

Ischia is a gorgeous volcanic island known for its hot springs and mud baths, which make you look younger and happier. Or it could be because of the combination of sun-kissed beaches, natural elements, crystal-clear waters and, by all means - outstanding cuisine.

What to see?

It takes only 15 minutes to walk from the Ischia di Porto to the romantic medieval Aragonese castle situated on a little islet connected with the island with a footbridge. The castle is more beautiful from the outside than the inside. You can freely walk in the area and through its gardens without paying for the inner exhibitions. The breathtaking views are worth the walk. Historically, the castle served as a defence against pirate attacks.

Landscape with Aragonese Castle, Ischia island, Italy
Aragonese Castle

Apart from the castle, the island offers other attractions. Try thermal baths or hike to the largest island's peak, Monte Epomeo, offering an incredible 360° view. 

Where to stay?

Marina Cala degli Aragonesi, located on the northern side, is the first private marina in Ischia. It is a cosy and friendly marina with good amenities. Its proximity to lovely little villages and smaller size makes the whole place look quieter than the main port in Ischia. We recommend hiking to Mount Epomeo and pouring a glass of freshly pressed orange juice into the bar. Take a taxi to Miscillo Sapori parking place and hike uphill for 30 minutes in steep terrain. Another alternative is a thermal bath at Negombo (San Montano Bay). In the evening, pay a visit to the Port of Ischia. 

Bay of San Montano from the terrace of the belvedere at sunset
Bay of San Montano

Ischia di Porto is another comfortable option for finding shelter for the night. The main advantage is that you are close to the castle, and there are endless options for dining out just a few steps from your boat. However, the night is loud, and ferries are coming in and out during the day. You can also drop an anchor in the bay Castello Aragonese (southern part) right below the castle, but the spot tends to be busy and rolly. 

Day 3 - Ischia - Capri/Sorrento (20 nm)

Capri is an impressive island and has been one of the most fashionable sailing destinations since the 19th century. However, hot seasons can put a lot of unnecessary stress on boaters. Finding a good shelter can turn into a nightmare. Particularly during the peak of summer, arriving by ferry is more convenient than manoeuvring your boat. We advise opting for Sorrento in July and August.

Break up your route to Capri island or Sorrento by stopping off at the southeast of Ischia, with enchanting beaches and grottos before noon. You can drop an anchor close to the Grotta Verde cave or in the bay of Punta Cannuccia. Still, you may need to purchase a daily permit allowing you to moor here (parts of Ischia and Procida islands belong to the Neptune Marine protected area). Grotta Verde is an emerald cave enabling you to swim in waters beneath the cliffs of stunning formations. The best time to visit the cave is early in the morning, shortly after sunrise. 

View from the boat of a Boat with tourists along the cliffs and rocky coast of Capri Island.
Grotta Verde

What to see?

After the morning subterranean adventure, head to the mainland (Sorrento) or island (Capri). Sorrento is a colourful clifftop town with a maze created from winding cobblestone alleys. It is one of those perfectly “Instagrammable” places on Earth. The center is dotted with waterfront restaurants, pastel houses, churches and busy piazzas with antique shops with ceramics and marquetry. You cannot leave Sorrento without tasting the local Limoncello liquor. The best place to learn more about its origins and production is at the Limonoro store. 

Capri has been a popular magnet for sailors because of its glamorous lifestyle, ancient villas with huge gardens, luxury shops and divine natural wonders. The spectacular Blue Grotto (Grotta Azzurra), with its magic azure light and several cave branches, is one of the key attractions.

Blue Grotto cave in Capri
Blue Groto

The island hides plenty of other secret coves and memorable spots. Sailors that are keen on taking photos cannot skip the route around the three famous rock formations called “faraglioni” at the eastern end of Capri. Faraglioni di Mezzo, Stella and di Fuori stand out from the sea as guardians. There is a photogenic arch under the faraglioni di Mezzo under which you can sail with your boat. The land part of Capri is worth visiting, too. A real pleasure for the eyes are several villas with gardens - villa San Michele, Vila Jovis. You can also reach the peak of Capri (Monte Solaro) in a few minutes by cable car. The paradisiacal botanical garden Giardini di Augusto is a perfect alternative for the more claustrophobic part of the crew not wanting to enter any of the caves. 

 The botanical Gardens of Augustus are an exceptionally wonderful garden with interesting statues and beautiful flowers
Giardini di Augusto

Where to stay

Today, you are going to sleep at the bottom of the dizzying cliffs of Sorrento. There are not many marinas in the world where you can take an elevator to get you up to the downtown. If you don’t want to spend a night at Marina Porto di Sorrento, you can drop anchor in Marina Piccola next door. The main port is simple, with no showers and toilets, but with a more rewarding view. Marina Piccola can be a bit rolly. 

Capri Island Landscape, Marina Grande harbour and mountains
Marina Grande

Marina Grande is Capri's official and recreational port with heavy traffic. Hence, it is advisable to book a berth via a website and reach marineros on channel 71 (although don’t expect mooring assistance in busy periods). Marina Grande is not an attractive port, with no sanitary facilities and ferries running every few minutes. But to visit the magnificent island, this is the safest option. You can drop an anchor west from the port and stay there for a night.

Day 4 - Capri/Sorrento - Amalfi/Salerno (17 - 20 nm)

Today, you will finally experience the true Amalfi Coast. You can either sail directly to Salerno, Amalfi Coast's capital or Amalfi itself. In case you want to avoid hordes of tourists, the first option enables you to mingle more with locals than with tourists. Nevertheless, Amalfi is a must-see town. 

village of Amalfi on the Amalfi coast

What to see

Salerno is less touristy than other famous towns in this region, but it may feel too ordinary compared to Amalfi, one of the most beautiful towns in Italy. Amalfi is a picturesque medieval town with a dramatic backdrop thanks to jaw-dropping steep cliffs. Amalfi was one of the four maritime republics with a powerful fleet and its coat-of-arms is featured in The Italian navy´s coat of arms. The town was destroyed by earthquake and tsunami in the 14th century so the glory of the old republics´s days faded away. However, several monuments that are still standing prove the legacy. You can marvel at the Arab-Norman Cathedral di Sant´t Andrea with its Byzantine facade. 

Scenic view of Amalfi Cathedral and central square Piazza del Duomo, people walking up stairs.
Amalfi Cathedral

Try the outstanding gastronomy of Amalfi in Donna Emma (10 minutes walking from the marina) with a stunning view and Michelin-worth type of food. When eating out in Amalfi, you have to try spaghetti al Limone (spaghetti with a lemon sauce) and pastarelle amalfitane (a dessert with lemon cream).  

Pasta al Limone, Lemon with basil and parmesan cheese.
Pasta al Limone

Where to stay

When in Amalfi, definitely book a berth at Marina Coppola, nestled in a sheltered and exceptional location. Marina has a transparent pricing policy, quality service and friendly stuff. The harbormaster is super helpful with manoeuvring procedures, and it is a nice learning experience to watch his performance of parking the boats in the port.   

Marina Ormeggio Autuori is the most reasonable place to find shelter in Salerno when you need water and electricity. Otherwise, you can drop anchor in the sandy bottom at the bay Rada di Santa Teresa with a nice view of Salerno. There are loads of restaurants near the bay - our recommendation is Mamma Rosa with excellent homemade gnocchi alla Sorrentina. 

Day 5 - Amalfi/Salerno - Positano (8 - 14nm)

Enjoy a dose of Italian romance in the scenic town popular among beach lovers. Today is a rest day with just a little sailing but a lot of sunbathing and swimming on the Vettica Maggiore. You can get fully immersed in the magical atmosphere of Positano town - another photogenic cliffside village so typical for the Amalfi coastline. 

Aerial View of Positano, Travel destination on the Amalfi coast, Southern Italy

What to see

Make a stopover for a swim en route in an anchorage, Vettica Maggiore and then enter one of the most stunning places on Earth. The whole shore of Positano is lined with pebble beaches and colourful umbrellas. This charming vertical town has a lot to offer despite its small size. 

You can walk in the steep streets and observe the colourful villas - some celebrities own- as Positano has attracted many world-famous artists and musicians. Viale Pasitea is the main road with plenty of boutiques and restaurants. To take the most iconic photo of your trip, head to the beach Spiaggia Grande with a scenic view of Positano´s cliff-top villas. When it comes to dinner, the gastronomical part of the crew will feel like a food paradise. A mouth-watering experience awaits you in places such as Casa Mele, located close to the buoy field or Lo Guarracino - a hidden getaway on the hilltop. 

Try another local speciality in Positano, such as ndunderi or moscardini con le patate  - octopus in red wine vinegar and potatoes. 

Where to stay

The most convenient spot to spend the night is a buoy field Marina Lucibello Boat Company - a well-organized field with water taxis operating round the clock. Book the buoy in advance since the place is popular due to its ideal location near Positano. 

Day 6 - Positano - Procida (27 nm)

Your penultimate sailing route will lead you to one of the prettiest Mediterranean islands - Procida. After the rather touristy towns Amalfi and Positano, this tiny volcanic island with its pastel-painted houses is a rewarding escape due to its still well-kept authenticity. 

Colorful fishing village on Procida island near Naples in Italy (Campania).

The whole marine area is protected within a park also known as the Neptune’s Kingdom, divided into four zones with different regulations. It is better to verify the information via call or website if you can legally moor in a bay of your interest.

What to do

The island is densely inhabited, with plenty of houses and frequent bus connections. The island thrives on the fishing industry and is still a place where locals live and work all year round - it’s not (yet) a place full of tourists. 

Take a walk to the beautiful Corricella village, where cars and scooters are prohibited. The buildings look like candies in pink, green, or yellow colours. When fishermen returned from the sea, they could spot their colourful homes easily. Corricella is a must-visit place thanks to its wonderful panorama of Corricella houses, and the restaurants and bars offered are so tempting. Above the marina towers the Terre Murata fortress, the clifftop village is worth visiting too because of the marvellous views. 

Procida is a charming island in the Tyrrhenian Sea
Procida is a charming island in the Tyrrhenian Sea

In Procida, local seafood is a must-taste. Don’t forget to grab a lemon gelato to cool off on hot days. Spending a night in Procida is

Where to stay

The safest shelter with all the needed facilities is a cosy and well-organized  Marina di Procida. The island is generally easily walkable, and Procida town, with its port, is a strategic starting point for your exploration. 

The most picturesque anchorage is in Corricella, situated only 15 minutes walking from the Marina di Procida. Corricella belongs to Zone B of the marine part, and diving and fishing are prohibited. The marina provides only a limited number of mooring places for sailboats and several buoys. 

Procida is a charming island in the Tyrrhenian Sea

If you prefer to anchor, good protection from SW to N winds (by the West) provides the bay Cala San Antonio. However, there are too many speedboats in the high season. 

This island has many excellent restaurants, such as La Lampara or Sejà restaurant, which offer impeccable cuisine and service. Both are situated down in Corricella. 

Day 7 - back to Marina di Stabia (20 nm)

Depending on when you return to your base port, you can either enjoy a slow sailing back to the marina or stop by the famous archaeological excavation site Pompeii, located just a few minutes from the port. The city was destroyed and buried under ashes after a volcano eruption. Today, the site is an impressive open-air museum. Additionally, you can visit an underwater archaeological park, Gaiola, which has drowned statues. 

Ancient ruins of Pompei city (Scavi di Pompei), Naples, Italy

Ancient ruins of Pompei city

A legend states that Ulysses (Odysseus) was lured by sirens living on the Amalfi coastline. He ordered his sailor to plug their ears and tied himself to the mast. The Greek gods rushed to the coastline to help save his fleet, and the way they trailed formed the typical rugged coastline of Amalfi. Today, we recommend that you use all your senses to be attracted by the beauty of this remarkable region. 

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