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Me hellitame oma kliente. Broneerimishetkest kuni koju jõudmiseni - ja isegi peale seda - meie tiim on alati teie jaoks olemas. Ja selle tulemusena saime ka see aasta kõige kõrgemalt hinnatud auhinna meie klientidelt, kes on seda omal käel tundnud. Vaata ka nende tagasisidet.

  • 5. apr 2024
    Brilliant communication
    Brilliant communication
  • 1. veebr 2024
    Rapid answer on all questions
    Rapid answer on all questions. The way ahead is clearly defined
    Günter Kagel
  • 26. jaan 2024
    Very easy booking process!
    Very easy booking process!
    Björn Franke
  • 25. jaan 2024
    Fast, friendly and helpful
    Fast, friendly and helpful response. We have selected 3 different kind of boats ...
    Simon H
  • 30. dets 2023
    Very good and professional service
    Using this service for second time and very happy. All answers to my questions w...
    Arie Frenklakh
  • 19. dets 2023
    Customer service spot on
    As soon as I asked for a quote for the yacht we wanted Amalia contacted me. As w...
    Judith Finlayson
  • 21. okt 2023
    Still very satisfied, after 3 bookings
    Description of the boat is quite complete, with many pictures. The search engine...
    Eric Rossignol
  • 17. okt 2023
    The booking and response of BOATAROUND…
    The booking and response of BOATAROUND was very good. The Chartered sailboat was...
  • 16. okt 2023
    Easy and fast
    Not first time and always easy, clear and fast service
  • 12. okt 2023
    Clear, responsive, friendly
    Friendly responsive agent
    Ottmar Schramm
  • 6. okt 2023
    Great customer service and response…
    Great customer service and response times from Laura. Very much appreciated. Tha...
  • 6. okt 2023
    Superb support from Anna Josch at BoatAround
    Fast telephone follow-up after on-line booking. Special thanks to Anna Josch fo...
    Stephen G
  • 29. sept 2023
    Perfect, everything smooth
    Perfect, everything well organized and prepared. I have the experience with book...
  • 19. sept 2023
    Super fast answers
    Super fast answers, super service
    Konrad M.
  • 15. sept 2023
    always ok
    always ok, im am satisfied
  • 11. sept 2023
    I don't remember ever receiving such genuine and amazing support. Alexandra Psar...
    Despoina Knithaki
  • 7. sept 2023
    Exceptional Boat Rental Experience
    The booking process was smooth and hassle-free. The staff at the rental agency w...
  • 4. sept 2023
    the personal interaction within the…
    the personal interaction within the booking process with Melanie was outstanding...
  • 30. aug 2023
    Easy, clear and fast
  • 4. aug 2023
    Easy, quick and professionel
    The process was easy the whole time from start to finish. A very good experience...
  • 26. juuli 2023
    Huge choice of boats and excellent customer support
    This is my third time to rent a sailing yacht through Boataround. Was always a p...
    Heinz Regele
  • 21. juuli 2023
    Exceptional Service and Support by Ondrej at Boataround!
    I recently used Boataround for a boating trip, and I must say, their service and...
    Tomáš Hurajt
  • 2. juuli 2023
    Everything went well with reservation…
    Everything went well with reservation and communication with Boataround.
  • 29. juuni 2023
    Great help from the customer service.
    Great help from the customer service.
  • 23. juuni 2023
    Great costumer service
    It was my first booking by Boataroud and I’m very excited about the experience. ...
    Radoslav Dovjak
  • 22. juuni 2023
    Easy booking process
    Easy booking process
    Neil Webster
  • 12. juuni 2023
    Good service
    The boataround team is always very helpful. If one colleague is not available th...
  • 31. mai 2023
    Best prices on the market
    Best prices on the market, fast and kind service.
  • 24. mai 2023
    Boataround for easy booking!
    Boataround offers an easy way of having a great choice. Offers trustable and eno...
    Johan Schutte
  • 22. mai 2023
    Great support
    Great support! Fast response with exactly what I was looking for!
    NicolaeRazvan Atimariti
  • 17. mai 2023
    excellent selection
    excellent selection
  • 14. mai 2023
    Everything was perfect!
    Everything was perfect!