Viime hetken 2024 Säästä enemmän uskomattomilla Viime hetken alennuksilla – Varaa tänään

Asiakkaiden arviot

Asiakaspalvelu ei ole vain yksi osastoistamme. Se on koko yrityksemme.

Me hemmottelemme asiakkaitamme. Varauksesta kotiinpaluuseen saakka – ja jopa sen jälkeen – tiimimme on valmiudessa siltä varalta, että jokin menee pieleen. Sen tuloksena saimme kunnian saada palkinnoksi korkein arvosana asiakkailta, jotka ovat käyttäneet meitä! Katso joitakin heidän arvosteluitaan.

  • 17. huhti 2024
    Great quick service
    Great quick service
    Per Persson
  • 11. huhti 2024
    Max is a great consultant!
    Max is a great consultant. The price is top!
    Kerry Choitz
  • 3. huhti 2024
    Good service !
    Good service !
  • 1. huhti 2024
    Great platform!
    I love this platform. All the necessary details are there, the pictures are accu...
    NicolaeRazvan Atimariti
  • 28. maalis 2024
    Compliments on how Boataround helped us…
    Compliments on how Boataround helped us to find the catamaran we wished for. Unf...
  • 7. maalis 2024
    Every year - boatarround
    Every year, a super Support by Titus, if youre booking every year, they know you...
    Mateo Krispl
  • 2. maalis 2024
    Great customer service
    When I had a query over payment I was able to get straight through and get the a...
  • 11. helmi 2024
    Without a problem
    Without a problem, easy booking via internet! All professionell thx
  • 7. helmi 2024
    I have used Boataround three times now…
    I have used Boataround three times now and used to use Latesail for my charters ...
  • 2. helmi 2024
    Quick response
    Quick response, no problems
  • 26. tammi 2024
    Very easy booking process!
    Very easy booking process!
    Björn Franke
  • 25. tammi 2024
    Fast, friendly and helpful
    Fast, friendly and helpful response. We have selected 3 different kind of boats ...
    Simon H
  • 21. tammi 2024
    Easy and perfekt Service
    Easy and perfekt Service Friendly people Fine boats
  • 7. tammi 2024
    Prompt replies and efficient booking,
    Prompt replies and efficient booking, Loyalty discount appreciated Competitive ...
  • 31. joulu 2023
    fast an reliable service
    fast an reliable service, best price on market
    Hendrik Classen
  • 21. joulu 2023
    Everything went great
    Everything went great. Top service.
    Juha Ropponen
  • 21. joulu 2023
    Fadi was great to have as a contact on…
    Fadi was great to have as a contact on Boataround. He poured his soul in to give...
    Joel Söder
  • 19. joulu 2023
    Customer service spot on
    As soon as I asked for a quote for the yacht we wanted Amalia contacted me. As w...
    Judith Finlayson
  • 14. joulu 2023
    The Boataround crew
    The staff is always available by phone. I appreciate their experience and profes...
    Robert Gajda
  • 12. joulu 2023
    Again it was a pleasure to work with…
    Again it was a pleasure to work with the team of boat around. Thank you very muc...
    Max Maja
  • 1. joulu 2023
    Repeat Customer
    This is the second time I am using them, flawless experience all throughout!
  • 10. marras 2023
    Always a pleasure
    Always a pleasure
    A. Pollack
  • 7. marras 2023
    very professional and helpful
    When I booked a boat in Athens I had a few extra requests, which the Boataround ...
  • 6. marras 2023
    it was great that i was contacted by…
    it was great that i was contacted by the boataround employee Mr. Titus Zan and I...
    G. Filler
  • 2. marras 2023
    Best costumer service, easy booking procedure
    Making a reservation trough Boataround is easy, quick and you get amazing servic...
  • 21. loka 2023
    Committed, fast and concrete
    The people from boataround have been very committed, fast, competent and super w...
    Frank H. Ritz
  • 21. loka 2023
    Still very satisfied, after 3 bookings
    Description of the boat is quite complete, with many pictures. The search engine...
    Eric Rossignol
  • 12. loka 2023
    Clear, responsive, friendly
    Friendly responsive agent
    Ottmar Schramm
  • 11. loka 2023
    Anna has done an excellent job
    Anna has done an excellent job
    Rolf Hauß
  • 6. loka 2023
    Great customer service
    Laura was most helpful and all of her recommendations were tailored to our speci...
  • 4. loka 2023
    super service
    super service, quick, easy and well done
    Renato Sensi
  • 29. syys 2023
    Perfect, everything smooth
    Perfect, everything well organized and prepared. I have the experience with book...