Stable weather with long sunny days — 4 reasons to sail around Mallorca

Stable weather with long sunny days — 4 reasons to sail around Mallorca

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Mallorca, the biggest one of the Balearic Islands, is one of the most popular yachting destinations in the Mediterranean. Warm climate, impressive coastal landscape and plenty to do on the island. Although the best season for sailing begins in April, it’s best to secure your holiday with early booking or count on our Last minute deals. Let us show you four reasons why to sail around Mallorca and have an experience of a lifetime.

The island of Mallorca offers more than 550 km of coastline with multiple illustrious sailing areas. Moreover, a warm and stable climate of the Mediterranean guarantees an excellent time for both beginners from April to October and old sea wolves around the year.

Mallorca is well-known for its majestic coast: azure-blue sandy beaches all around, secluded and secure bays for anchoring and bold cliffs of Serra Tramuntana mountain range directly at sea.

1. Great place for yachting greenhorns

Summers in Mallorca have a signature stable weather with long sunny days. The best time to sail is in Spring (namely April and May) for fantastic weather and to avoid the biggest wave of tourists.

You can anchor your yacht as 46 marinas and harbours and many secure little bays. Mallorca has few streams or shoals, and therefore it’s very suitable for first-time sailors. One thing to look out for is blowing winds (at 3-4 Beaufort wind scale) that might surprise inexperienced yachters.

Turquoise-blue beaches, bold cliffs and long sunny days: Mallorca in one picture.

The coastal line of Palma de Mallorca fully explores the island’s potential: sandy beaches, impressive mountains, and world-renowned nightlife.

2. True charter hospitability

Mallorca has fantastic marinas with excellent facilities that go out of their way to make sailors feel welcome:

Mountain range Serra de Tramuntana is UNESCO’s World Heritage site, and its frozen peaks offer a chilling break from unending warm afternoons.

3. The versatility of tourist experience

From sunny beaches to frozen mountain peaks, Mallorca truly has it all:

Mallorcan Black Pig (Porc Negre) is the only protected indigenous breed of pig in the Balearic Islands, and archaeological digs confirmed its existence on the island before Roman settlement.

4. Boataround Insider tips

Boataround team visited Mallorca earlier this summer, and the island’s beauty truly enthralled us. These are our tips:

We hope we’ve inspired you to try sailing around Mallorca! We certainly liked it. See our complete offer of yachts and deals below.

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